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The Steller´s sea eagle, Haliaeetus pelagicus The bird is perched on the iceberg in the sea during winter Japan Hokkaido Wildlife scene from Asia nature. came from Kamtchatka

Klíčová slova: winter, wings, wing, viciously, unexpected, talon, tail, supricing, sudden, snowflakes, snow, silent, raptor, quick, prey, predator, powerful, plume, plumage, ornithology, nose diving, icing, iceberg, ice floe, hoarfrost, head, frost, freeze, feather, fast, face, eye, diving, desperately, cold, claw, breast, birdwatching, bird of prey, bird, bill, avian, attack, Steller´s sea eagle, Japan, Hokkaido, Haliaeetus pelagicus

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